3 Must-Have Social Media Tools For Small Businesses

As a small business, you may have a simple business page on various social media platforms, but want to leverage the power of social media marketing. In some ways, handling social media can be more challenging for small businesses since they rarely have a dedicated person to manage their accounts. There are some social media tools that can dramatically affect your business marketing.

Social Media Management Dashboard

Having a single dashboard for all your social media accounts is the most effective way to be more productive in your marketing approach. When you work with several different platforms, it is time-consuming to log in to each one and it is easier to forget passwords. Consolidating your social media accounts can make you more likely to use several platforms, instead of limiting yourself to the most popular options. This tool makes it easier to post the same or similar content on several platforms and you can efficiently monitor the activity on your accounts. Another advantage is many of these tools have analytics, which can help you cultivate a better marketing strategy based on the types of posts that are popular.

Artificial Intelligence

More small businesses are integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their social media accounts. This is a useful tool to improve customer service. Generally, AI tools are used to answer questions from visitors to your social media page. If you interact with visitors, you will likely notice many of the questions can be easily answered and are redundant. AI can detect various keywords and formulate a response. This can reduce the number of messages you receive on your accounts and help you focus on answering questions that require more in-depth answers. Using AI means that basic customer service is available at any time, so visitors do not have to wait until the next business day to receive an answer to some of their questions. AI is an excellent tool for a faster and more efficient customer service experience.

Post Scheduling

Post scheduling tools can create the facade that you are more active on social media. Being consistently active on social media increases attention to your business and can make it more likely people will find your business page. Scheduling posts also gives you the opportunity to pre-plan your content when inspiration strikes. Many businesses use their scheduling tool to post at peak times. Every social media platform has times of day when people are more active. For example, if your target market is in the United States, it makes little sense to create posts in the middle of the night, but this may be effective if you have a worldwide audience.

Small businesses should take advantage of the various social media tools available to enhance their online presence. Using the right tools allows you to be more efficient and productive on social media, even without a social media manager.

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