How Mobile Marketing Targets Audiences

Mobile marketing solutions cover a lot of domains, and the ground covered by the mobile sector is growing and changing every year. If you're looking at mobile marketing services, you might wonder how companies can target audiences well in such an expansive environment. Here are three ways marketing firms accomplish that feat.

Location Awareness

One of the huge advantages of marketing in the mobile sphere is the ability to take advantage of location-aware technologies. When someone uses an app, they can opt into GPS-enabled features. Similarly, locations can be determined based on things like Wi-Fi signals, nearby users, and which servers their phones access for the best response times.

All of this data allows you to get a fairly good idea of where in the world a target audience member might be. That info can be used to provide specific information and offers. For example, if you know a user is a couple of miles from one of your stores, you can send a notification of a sale or a coupon to prompt them.


It's also possible to build profiles of who the audience members are for any piece of advertising. Many social media apps and sites, for example, use technologies that identify users uniquely when they go onto websites with certain features enabled. For example, a site might have Facebook-enabled commenting that tracks usage outside of the social media company's websites and apps.

An individual profile can be assembled based on groups that have similar preferences. For example, a cluster of highly motivated buyers might use certain websites, post on particular topics, and have similar demographic profiles in terms of age and income. That makes it easier to market to those users with highly tailored profiles and unique appeals. One group might respond well to coupon offers while another prefers events, and you can target those two profiles differently.

Installations and Opt-Ins

It's worth noting that many folks who are receptive to marketing are happy to opt into programs or install apps. There's no reason not to take advantage of this mutually beneficial arrangement.

For example, a fitness company might design an app that helps users track their workouts. The app then also serves a marketing platform, directing users toward services and offers. In some cases, the app can become a profit center in its own right. With a consent-based model, you'll also have higher confidence that you're talking to folks who care about what you're marketing to them.

To learn more about mobile marketing services, reach out to an online marketing business. 

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