3 Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Although small businesses may not have all the resources for marketing like larger businesses, it does not mean they cannot use many of the same tactics. Spending your money and time wisely will help you enhance your digital marketing.

1. Capitalize On Geotargeting

You should consider investing some money in social media advertising. Since it can be difficult for small business to spend significant money on advertising, just plan for one high-quality ad and see what happens. Part of advertising on social media will require you to figure out your demographic. Your ideal demographic will be certain characteristics that are common among your customers. Social media ads are usually shown to a certain audience, based on their demographic information.

There are costs and benefits to selecting a wider or narrower demographic. Just choosing people who follow beauty brands will capture a wide audience, but if you sell makeup that is geared to a younger, trendier audience, many of the views you receive will be in vain. Similarly, choosing women, 25-30 years old, and who live in metro areas will drastically reduce your number of advertising views and can leave out a large chunk of potential customers.

2. Be A Content Creator

There is nothing wrong with adding a YouTube channel to your business. Depending on your business, it can be harder to come up with content that will help you develop fresh content at least weekly and attract subscribers. Creating a YouTube channel can help you place your business in front of more people and you might generate ad revenue, which can help offset the costs of other marketing endeavors or allow you to expand your business.

Stick with content that is informative and maintains your professionalism so that it does not reflect negatively on your business or reduce the number of ads that can be displayed on your videos. For example, if you own a tattoo shop, there are likely many basic topics you can cover that will be evergreen content such as, finding the right tattoo shop, tattoo design, and aftercare. Showcasing the artwork of tattoo artists can also attract more business.

3. Don't Overlook Search Engine Optimization

You may hear less about search engine optimization (SEO), but that does not mean it is irrelevant. SEO remains a critical component of website and social media success, just the best practices have changed. The best way to have effective SEO is to determine which keywords work for the products you sell or your type of small business. This usually requires some research, such as using Google's AdWords.

Not only do you want popular keywords, but you also want ones with less competition. For example, the word "foundation" would be a popular keyword if you sell makeup, but it is highly-competitive because every beauty store or mass merchandiser sells foundation. A longer phrase, such as "liquid foundation" or "foundation for oily skin" might be popular but is less competitive. Integrate these keywords sparingly into your content, such as product descriptions and blog posts.

Sometimes a basic approach to digital marketing can be equally effective without unnecessary money and time investments. Being consistent with your marketing and adapting to marketing trends will help small businesses. For more information on digital marketing for small companies, contact your local marketing service. 

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